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Honouring Farmer   ( 21-08-2020)
Today on 21-08-2020 we have honoured the great lady farmer namely N.P Sheela.She hails from Nanminda born to Dr N.P. Krishnan and N P Sthyabhama and who had managed to successfully do agriculture along with her regular jobs.Her love for nature and inspiration from her father had let her step into this field at a very young age.She married to Dr Viswanathan. She chose to become a farmer and engaged herself full time in this field.Along with farming she is an animal lover too. A dairy farm with eight milking cow and four calves Paddy cultivation at Nanminda. Rubber plantation at Kariyathumpara Coconut plantation at Nanminda Arecanut cultivation at Nanminda. Turmeric, Sesame all at Nanminda. Fish faming pond Horticulture and Backyard poultry all at Calicut.



Flag Hoisting   ( 15-08-2020)
Flag hoisting on August 15th Conducted at THAPOVANAM Ln col Gopi, Ln Radhakrishan, Ln Nalini Radhakrishan, Secretary Shivaprasad were participated Flag was hoisted by President ln Vijayarajan. After a short meeting and National anthem meeting adjourned
Thapovanam, Calicut  



Cultural programme Kalasayannam   ( 19-07-2020)
We have conducted a Kalasayannam on 19.7.20.It was a unique program in whatsapp participated club members and family members Different items likes singing dancing comody martial arts ect. It was about two hours duration. All members and others watched the program enjoyed it. All expressed their appreciation.



Advertisement in Dist.Directory   ( 17-09-2020)
For sending Advertisement to the District Directory A cheque of Rs.10000/- from a sponsor has been sent.



Doctor`s Day    ( 01-07-2020)
We honoured Dr. Anoopkumar A S chief of Critical Care Medicine at BMH Calicut. He was recognised for early detection of NIPAH outbreak in Calicut 2018 and for subsequent in containment activities.He is a winner of best Doctor Award from Kerala Govt. and many other awards.
Calicut BMH  



Donation to SPARSHAM Palliative    ( 08-09-2020 )
On 08-09-2020 LC Calicut North donateda Hospital cot to SPARSHAM Palliative Society Calicut. They are taking care of about 400 bedridden patients around calicut. President Ln Vijyrajan, ACS Ln Col Gopi M MJF, Ln Geetha Vijayarajan and staff members palliative society were present.



District Convention   ( 05-May-2019)



Board Meeting   ( 15-Feb-19)
Qatar Plaza  



Republic Day    ( 26-Jan-19)
West Hill  



Celebrated Republic day with students of BEM UP School   ( 26-Jan-19)
West Hill